Play Amazing Chords and Progressions Easily!

The Chord Engine Genesis is a "game changer" Chord/MIDI/Production tool. Play amazing chords and progressions with just one key in great detail. Then, drag & drop your MIDI chord performances onto any VST... Genesis has a 6GB internal sound library, an on-board Arpeggiator, and a massive selection of inspiring chord progression presets all included...

Just $49 Limited Time

Runs in the Full Version of Kontakt. Works in Any DAW


Play, Compose and Export

Internal Sound Library with FX

Learn The Secrets 

Play amazing chords at the press of a key. Drag & Drop MIDI Chord performances onto any VST!

Over 150 sounds for R&B, Hip-Hop, Soul, Electronic and more. Quickly dial in on the perfect sound.

Learn the chords and chord voicings with the visual Keyboard Display of Chord Engine Genesis.  

 “Amazing, thank you ???? been waiting for this.”

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How to Install

New Inspiring Chord Progressions

Nearly 200 chord progression ideas included. 32 all new inspiring chord progressions have been added to the extensive library.

Easy To Download and Install

Download and Install Genesis in just a few clicks. Get going immediately using the Mac or Windows installers. 

Universally Compatible!

Chord Engine Genesis runs in the Full version of Kontakt. You can use this with ANY DAW. 

Download The Chord Engine Genesis Now

Are you ready to experience one of the most powerful Chord/MIDI tools created to date?


Can I run The Chord Engine Genesis on a Mac?
Yes. You can run the Chord Engine Genesis VST in any DAW on any Platform Windows or MacOS.   

Will the MIDI chords be recorded into my DAW as MIDI chords?
Yes. You can Drag & Drop any chord performance from the Chord Engine into your DAW as MIDI chords.  

Do I have to use PayPal
No. You can checkout with any debit or credit card. Just use the "Pay with Debit or Credit Card" button. Note: All payment transactions are processed through PayPal and will read from: TrakSorce. Once your Payment is completed, be sure to click the "Return to Merchant" button to receive your files if you are not automatically redirected. You will also receive an email with your downloads.

Can I use this with the FREE Kontakt Player
The plugin will time out after 15 minutes if you are using the FREE Kontakt Player.   

What are the System Requirements?
Kontakt full version 5.7.3 or higher. 
6.44GB of free disk space.

Why Do my exported MIDI notes sound detuned or off when I drag & drop in Logic Pro?
Logic has special MIDI routing but this is an easy fix. What you want to do is double click on where it says "file name" (in the record to MIDI tab of Genesis) and you want to give it a name and hit enter. Then record your performance, stop the recording. Then drag and drop your MIDI onto the actual icon of the channel you want to place your MIDI on. Do this instead of dropping it in the dark grey area in Logic

Then make sure your Kontakt is not armed for recording when you play the chords back on the other VST... the routing is different in logic and it plays back the Kontakt instrument too if it's armed for recording. Just be sure its not armed for record and your other VST should play the notes back fine. Also releasing one chord before you press the next chord makes the recording a lot cleaner. You don't get any truncated notes where full notes should be. Don't worry Logic is the only DAW with this behavior.

FAQ for support

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The Best of All Worlds! Chord Engine Genesis Sets You Apart...

Bundle Over 150 Chord Progression Presets

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How to install Chord Engine on Mac

How to install Chord Engine Genesis on PC

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Genesis Quick Overview & Demonstration

Works in ANY DAW. Chord Engine Genesis Runs in the FULL version of Kontakt 5.7.3 and up. 

How The Chord Engine Genesis Works + How to Load

Includes Chord Engine Genesis + Free updates to the VST + Hundreds of Chord Progression presets.

Expand Your Chord Library with Chord Progression Preset Packs!

Included. Normally $25

Preset pack Includes lush R&B Chords in addition to R&B chords by scale. Chord Engine Genesis Not included.

Preset Pack Includes dark minor chords. Good for Hip-Hop, R&B and EDM. Chord Engine Genesis Not included.

Included. Normally $25

Preset Pack Includes lush Neo-Soul chords. Great for many genres. Chord Engine Genesis Not included.

Included. Normally $25

Preset Pack Includes popular Pop chords. Great for Pop and EDM. Chord Engine Genesis Not included. 

Included. Normally $25

Preset Pack Includes Gospel and R&B chords. Great for Gospel or R&B. Chord Engine Genesis Not included.

Included. Normally $25

Preset Pack Includes Jazz / R&B chords. Great for jazz, R&B, Hip-Hop, etc. Chord Engine Genesis Not included.

Included. Normally $25

Preset Pack Includes 90's R&B golden age chords. Good for many genres. Chord Engine Genesis Not Included.

Included. Normally $25

The Chord Engine Genesis is not included with any Preset Pack.

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